Monday, March 24, 2008


Let me start from the begnning. We have a tradition on Easter morning before we go in search of our baskets to gather on Jason and I's bed and talk about the week before the Savior died. I have a really cool book that I used to show them a map of Jersulem and the path the Savior traveled around that last week of his life. We talk about his last moments and his love for us. Of his cruxification and then of his ressurection. We bear testimony to them that we belive this to be true and then say a prayer inviting the spirit to be with us that day and to help us remember the true meaning of Easter. This year was among the first that we felt like - They are getting it. They truly understand. It was a beautiful moment.

Then we donned our coats and slippers and went out in search of our baskets. The Easter Bunny had definately been to our house. The kids loved looking through their baskets and the candy frenzy began.

I must confess the day was not without its stress. Jamie can testify to this as she called at a specifically crazy moment when I was trying to finish getting ready and to keep the kids prestine until I could capture them in their lovely Easter glory. She might have considered calling CPS as I yelled from the top of the stairs for all the kids to get their hineys up in my room. Gannon had spilled his bubbles on his new clothes, Rigdon was running around outside getting into the dirt, Kenzie was spraying herself and he new dress with body glitter and Keaton was helping himself to a couple of pieces of wrapped candy he found laying on the floor. A half a pack of wipes later and another spritz of hair-spray and we ready to shoot the traidional outdoor Easter shots. Hey you get what you get and don't throw a fit. I guess there is something to be said for paying the outrageous prices at Kiddie Kandids - at least you don't have to try and pose, make them laugh and take the shot at the same time all by yourself. AHHHH! (See the new side pictures of my kids)

AND I realized again how grateful I am for the SHOW UP. What do I mean by the SHOW UP? Well, you know - being invited over to someone else's house for dinner and having to take like a vegetable or a side dish or dessert and getting to sit and enjoy yourself without the stress of cooking the entire meal. It is pretty plain Jane up here. We had a ham and some potatos and a store bought bag of rolls on a paper plate with a plastic cup of water. It tasted good and hey - it was as good as it was going to get.

Then came the pick-up. The picking up of the grass scattered all over the floor, the bits of play-doh, the spilled puddles of bubble juice, the empty candy wrappers, the broken Easter toys that last a day, the stickers and the cracked hard boiled eggs. Is it worth it???? - well just look at their faces. Of course it is. Happy FREAKIN' EASTER! HA HA HA!



It was a decision I had to make. Finally I gave in. After 10 years of faithfully dying Easter eggs starting with Mikala and then progressively with each of the other kids I couldn't forego the tradition this year. And so we dyed. A mess was made. Pictures were taken. A memory was created. What we won't do for our kids.


Here is a picture of the two cutest little 4 year olds in Highland. They have a bond that is unbreakable. Their love of light sabers, food and gamecube ensure their friendship for life.

On the day this picture was taken Gannon was saying the prayer on dinner and Luke was over. Gannon asked Heavenly Father to bless him and Luke to be friends forever. After the prayer was over - Luke turned to Gannon and said - That was really a nice prayer Gannon. PRICELESS!

Friday, March 21, 2008


The girls had crazy hair day at school today. How do you do "CRAZY" hair. Well, for Kenzie, I started with the blow dryer and a can of hair spray. She seemed to think it was great and added a couple of eggs to what she claimed look like a nest.

Mikala is a little more refined and didn't want me spraying her hair with gunk so I came up with this little do - we will call it the pony-poof.

Gabbi's hair is quite long and so I needed something creative for her. Braids - this did the trick and they all left with a smile on their faces. Crazy kids!


Gabbi painted this picture of Abraham Lincoln for President's Day. I was so tickled when she brought it home to show me. What a talented little girl she is. Such a good likeness don't you think?

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I am sorry - he is just so stickin' cute!


Mikala had a very nice ACTUAL birthday day. She got a new outfit to wear to school and treats for the class. She then had a relaxing afternoon, followed by dinner at Olive Garden and dessert with the family. She LOVED her birthday cake which was her mother's sad attempt to throw something together that day. Thank goodness kids see everything through rose-colored glasses. It tasted better than it looked - after Rigdon stuck his fingers in it 40 times. A great big thank you to everyone who called and left messages and sang to her. It made her feel special and know she is loved. I started to cry when I heard Uncle Doug and Aunt Lori singing. Not because Uncle Doug was singing bad, but because it hit me once again what an awesome family we have. We LOVE and miss you all. Thanks again for making her day so special.


I put Kenzie in charge of Keaton last Sunday afternoon while I was busy doing who knows what. She took him upstairs to play in her room. I asked Mikala to go check on them and she came back and said they were both asleep in each others arms. I had to take a picture, and then rescue Keaton so he didn't fall off my bed. AHHH - doesn't it look so good. A nap, complete with drool and everything.


Mikala had a CLUE birthday party. Her friends all came dressed like spies. They had a really good time decoding puzzles, guessing who's hand print was who's, playing a new game called CLUE MYSTERIES, and solving the crime of the STOLEN BIRTHDAY GIFTS. Mikala loved every minute of it and had a great time. Here she is with her cute friends.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


We can't stop watching this young man. Wow!