Saturday, December 11, 2010


GHD - in one word - AMAZING - I am looking to do a commercial for an incredible product that I found. Please pay close attention to my Christmas Miracle.

For my birthday this last April - I decided I deserved something special. Something to make my life easier. SO - I went to CosmoProf (a wholesale store for licensed beauty technicians - thank you Jamie for hooking me up) I bought myself a GHD flat iron. I had previously had a CHI and I have to be honest - it wasn't that great. I brought my new GHD home and carefully plugged it in. I am not sure I have ever owned anything that expensive (except for maybe my wedding ring - it is real right Jason? :0) I was giddy as the plates ran through my stubborn waves straightening them like a pancake in half the time it had taken my CHI. I concluded it was definately worth the $150.00 I begrudgingly forked over for it.

Now here is the rest of the story. Since the blessed day in April my poor little flat iron has been through a lot. It has been dropped - used as a lasso by my little boys, and I caught Keaton fishing with it in the bathtub while it was still plugged in. Yes, this little GHD has taken quite a beating and yet continues to work.

Now - here is the miracle. Wednesday night I came home from mutual to find all heck had broken loose. My dear sweet husband (who is now dear and sweet once more after a severe tongue lashing but his rather out of control wife) had not been properly attending our 5 little angels from heaven and an unfortunate accident had occured. I walked into the crime scent unaware of the catastrophe that awaited me and there at the bottom of my very large, very full bathtub was my $150.00 little birthday gift laying still and motionless in it's watery grave. I am ashamed to talk of what happened next but let's just say - I could have been committed (to a insane asylum that is).

Here is the Christmas miracle - I have no idea how long my little flatiron had laid there at the bottom of the tub. Of how long the water had seeped into it's insides causing it's electrical death - but friends I am here to tell you my little flatrion survived. After 36 hours of laying on the counter and my constant care to shake the water out, praying that it would come back to life - IT LIVES. TRUE STORY. I plugged it in - holding my breath - the little red light came on and the ping to say there was power; 30 seconds later a second ping - "I am HOT" it called to me - and I rejoiced as my little flatiron lived another day to straighten my hair.

I apologize for the long excerpt - but the story must be told. If you are looking for a hair straightner. One that is committed to the job - get yourself a GHD - I promise you won't be sorry.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay - Here we go - of course you will not get the crazy stories that I could tell about what goes on each and every day of my life but at least you will see the highlights - RIGHT?

November - 20th Gabbi's Birthday - she turned 7. It was a school day and so she just had a little family party. She picked McDonald's for dinner and we ate inside. Afterwards it was home for cake and ice cream and presents. WAHOO! :0) She is so cute!

The real party came later when I went to see TWILIGHT at the midgnight showing - so worth the no sleep. New Moon coming soon! At least when I don't blog about it you don't have to wait a whole year. Now it only seems like two months away. HA HA!

Novemeber 22nd - Down to AZ

We drove down for Thanksgiving on Saturday. We really did have a great time. It is so fun to be with family. Hopefully someday we will get back there. Here are a few pictures and highlights.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Okay - I decided I'm going to do like a month a day - so stay tuned for more tomorrow. MAYBE

Also, I have to explain the music - Jason and I watched Mama Mia for the first time Christmas Eve. We were both hooked. We went out and bought the CD and for the rest of the winter/sping we listened to it. The kids were going crazy. It was ABBA morning noon and night and sometimes in between. Ask Keaton to sing it for you - he has it all memorized. He can't sing the alphabet song - but he knows the words to HONEY, HONEY! HA HA!

The Kelly Clarkson song - Heard it once - COULDN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. Just listen to it and see if you don't start rocking out and jamming to the words ALL DAY!


I knew I wasn't THAT bad of a mother . . . however, don't start thinking highly of me just yet . . . I know for a fact - I didn't get one of Keaton - I didn't even dress him up. I know I'm a LOSER!


The 18th -

Kenzie turns 9 - Family Party - she had a friend go shopping and out to lunch!


Embarassed to say these are the only two that got pictures - either that - or I can't find the others. When my mother calls me . . . .


I am going to attempt to catch up for two reasons-

1) I really want this to be my journal for my family
2) Because I need a distraction from my life

So bear with me as I go from then to now

Let's see how well I do

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay all you blogger connoisseurs - how do I get my blog to show my fellow bloggers and their latest blog dates? Does that make sense?

Some of you have a list of bloggers and then under their names it shows when their latest update was.