Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay - Here we go - of course you will not get the crazy stories that I could tell about what goes on each and every day of my life but at least you will see the highlights - RIGHT?

November - 20th Gabbi's Birthday - she turned 7. It was a school day and so she just had a little family party. She picked McDonald's for dinner and we ate inside. Afterwards it was home for cake and ice cream and presents. WAHOO! :0) She is so cute!

The real party came later when I went to see TWILIGHT at the midgnight showing - so worth the no sleep. New Moon coming soon! At least when I don't blog about it you don't have to wait a whole year. Now it only seems like two months away. HA HA!

Novemeber 22nd - Down to AZ

We drove down for Thanksgiving on Saturday. We really did have a great time. It is so fun to be with family. Hopefully someday we will get back there. Here are a few pictures and highlights.


Kris-10 said...

Those pics are so cute. Bryson & Rigdon look soo cute together!
Thanks for keeping going! :o)

thewaites said...

It doesn't surprise me AT ALL, but your kids are so GORGEOUS! Each and every one of them! It is great to see you catching up! You are inspiring me to attempt the same task, haha! I am also glad to see I am not the only non-teen obsessed with the twilight saga! ;o) Keep up the great work!

The Heaps said...

Looks like it will be sooner then you thought....So happy you are coming back home....where you belong! Love the pic of Gabbi and her newly aquired doe!

thewaites said...

Hey again! I wanted you to know that we last minute decided to go private with our blog due to a scare that we had last night.

If you or anyone, wants to be invited to visit our blog, please send me your email address to this email account that we set up for just this purpose. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Tom and Sue said...

Hi Maren! Oh my your children are BEAUTIFUL!!! Kemilee is so glad we found you had a blog! She actually wrote a report in school about Kenzie. I'm suprised she remembers her so well! She'd love to have a penpal...maybe we could get in touch. You guys look like you're loveing UT! Take care!

Olya said...

Children and the truth are magnificent)) Very darlings))