Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Saturday my baby turned one. My LAST first birthday for one of MY children. (I am already looking forward to grandchildren)

REFLECTION OF THE DAY: Although Keaton was a complete surprise - we couldn't imagine life without him. He has been a blessing and bright spot in my life lifting my spirits with each one of his single-toothed smiles.

He is pratically perfect in every way and we all can't get enough of his gushy cheeks and big blue eyes. I think he gets about a thousand kisses a day - AT LEAST!

His birthday was pretty uneventful - poor boy. He didn't get a nap because we were so busy and he burned his little hand on his candle - again we ask - where was his mother -

behind the cameras - DUH! We had to open his presents on Sunday because he
was so dead tired by the time we got done with dinner and consoling him of his little injury.

He looked alot happier the next day anyway.

Keaton's accomplishments: He can walk, feed himself, play with the other kids, crawl up the stairs, and bring joy and delight to all who have the pleasure to be near him.

We love you Keaton - Happy Birthday!


Some of you may know how much I LOVE the humor of Anita Renfroe - She CRACKS me up because she explains how I feel about motherhood perfectly.

She has her well-known MOM-SENSE - which if you haven't seen - see the movie below

And if you have seen it - well here is the version for Dad's - all I can say is AMEN!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Friday, May 23, 2008


Is it one of those un-written laws, or a bad curse that was cast on my great-great-great-great grandmother, somehow, somewhere that no matter how hard I try and no matter what I do - the day I mop the floor, I mean REALLY mop the floor - is the day someone "accidentally" spills their apple juice or a plate of spaghetti all over it.

I got on my hands and knees with Jason's toothbrush yesterday and SCRUBBED my floor. I mean really pulled out the can of elbow grease and got down and dirty with my tile. And what do you think happened. Well, Jason decided to make a pan of brownies and what do brownies do - they crumble. And who crumbles brownies better than anyone else - children from the ages of 3 to 10 - which I have 5 of those. You can imagine my face after they all went to bed and I was able to access the damage (YES - I called Jason in and made him clean it up) Then, to top it off - Rigdon gets the can of Pledge today and starts spraying it all over the kitchen floor - I guess he thought it needed a good polish.

AHHHH - what is up - am I the only one or is this pretty much Murphy's law?


Melissa tagged all of us from her blog and I have yet to see anyone respond - so I thought I would take a 5 minute break and do this:

5 Things I am Looking Forward TO:

1) School getting Out! YAHOO!
2) No more diapers
3) 4 Kids in School Next Year! YEEHAW!
4) Somebody coming to visit me in Utah - somebody - ANYBODY!
5) Keaton's Birthday - smashing cake all over his face

5 Things I would do with OODLES OF Money

1) Get out of Debt
2) Get a maid
3) Get a new wardrobe
4) Share it!
5) Stop world hunger

5 Things I wish I could do:

1) Be an aerobics instructor
2) Play the guitar
3) SING really well
4) Stop Time
5) Grant Wishes

5 Things I am Grateful for:

1) I am not pregnant
2) No Hemorrhoids
3) Health & Life
4) My Incredible Family
5) The Restored Gospel

I TAG anyone who feels so inclined to reflect for 5 minutes!


Thursday, May 22, 2008


I always wished I had a doll house like that!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, Jamie convinced me I had to put this on here. I wasn't going to - but she laughed and said I should - so here goes.

As you all know yesterday was our anniversary. We decided that we weren't going to get anything for each other because of the new couches and all so we said - NO GIFTS. One of us - usually me - always goes back on this promise and does a little something. Well, this year I was sticking by our promise.

Jason came home from work and came upstairs where I was finally getting my shower for the day so I wouldn't stink if we decided to kiss or something - :0) And he got under the bed where I keep the wrapping paper box. He rummages around and grabs a box, some tissue paper and wrapping paper. I am panicking inside because I think - great - he got me something and now I am going to feel really bad when he gives it to me and I don't have anything for him.

So, I act like I didn't notice and finished getting ready.

He has the box sitting on the kitchen counter when I came down to make the kids dinner. HMMM - it was in a shirt sized box and it kind of felt like clothing - maybe it's some lingerie - which then I wouldn't feel so bad, because it would actually be a gift for himself if that was the case.

I decided I better not open it because the kids were around and I really don't need to explain that to them, now do I.

Well, I come into the office to check the e-mail and Jason brings the box in and says why don't you open your present . . . I thought we weren't doing anything for each other I say - well, I lied - he said.

I began to un-wrap the box because no kids were around. I open the lid and there is tissue paper - I pull the tissue aside and lying there within the folds of tissue are two new Wells Fargo shirts. I started laughing - HARD!

Okay - now there is a story behind the story. A week ago, I made the girls clean-out their pajama/play clothes drawer. It was full of holey, stained clothes and I was sick of the "STUFFING" that was going on into this drawer. So, we threw out two garbage bags FULL of old clothes. It was great. I was telling Jason about this when he got home from work and I said "I am so sick of holey, stained clothes and I am just going to start throwing this stuff away."

"Yes," he said - "We just hate holey, stained clothes don't we Maren - pointing to the shirt that I was wearing, which was an OLD Wells Fargo shirt size 3X with 4 holes across the front in various positions and spots of various sizes and colors all over the front. I just laughed and laughed and told him that I was due for some new ones.

Thus my 13th wedding anniversary present - 2 NEW Wells Fargo Shirts for me to add to my rotation of grubbies. :0) HE DOES STILL LOVE ME! :0)


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today is Jason and I's 13th wedding anniversary and although the number 13 has often been called an UNLUCKY number - for us it is just another year of MAGIC!

Here are 13 reasons why I love him more today than I did on May 20th, 1995.

1) He still SINGS to me! We have a song that Jason used to sing to me when we started dating. I had never heard of it at the time, but he said it was my song. And to this day he still sings it (not as often as I would like. :0)

2) He is a FABULOUS father!

3) He is the hardest WORKER I know (other than my dad). Both at work and in his yards.

4) He will change DIAPERS and give BATHS.

5) He COOKS!

6) He makes things HAPPEN. When I want something done - Jason makes it happen.

7) He makes me LAUGH.
8) He can FIX things.
9) He has a way of COMFORTING me like no one else can. With just the sound of his voice and his arms around me, he can put my biggest heartaches at ease.
10) He does what is RIGHT.
11) He's HOT!
12) He is my BEST FRIEND
13) He COMPLETES me!
We have no special plans. We did not get each other anything, but EVERY one of those 13 years is a gift and is PRECIOUS to me because they got us to where we are today and that is in a good place To quote Diamond Rio - "What a Beautiful Mess I'm in." We couldn't be happier.

I LOVE you Jason - with all my heart! Here's to 13 more years of


Monday, May 19, 2008


You know, I was contemplating the "SABBATH" and what it is like for our family. By definition Sabbath Day - is a day of rest. But I do not believe this is the case. Indeed I may say that the Sabbath day is probably one of the more busy days of the week.

By the time we get up and get breakfast it is time for church. And I don't know about you, but getting ready for church is like running a marathon. I am running up and down the stairs trying to get people in-line to do hair - running back and forth from the bedrooms making sure everyone is getting dressed. Running in and out of the house trying to keep everyone inside free from grass-stains, mud-stains and bicycle tire tracks on their pants. Then trying to feed them again right before we leave so they aren't crying the whole hour and ten minutes of sacrament that they are STARVING! Add Jason scout/YM meetings and my Activity/Ward Council meetings to that + two home teaching visits and what do you have left - 2 hours to make dinner which - Where did that tradition originate from - Sunday dinner. What moron thought of that?

We spend 2 hours making a dinner that takes 10 minutes to eat and then we spend 40 minutes cleaning it up. This is the day we should be allowed to go out to eat at a restaurant. Why not pay ahead eating. You go the day before to pay and then you aren't spending any money - of course then there is the factoring in of the people that have to work to serve you, but they are going to be there anyway - right?

And is it really such a crime to tape your kids mouth shut for sacrament meeting? My kids are SO loud. And I guess it just seems like they sound like they have their mouth right up to a megaphone and are shouting - I have to go to the bathroom - Kenzie's leg is touching me, I need a drink - WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE OVER? Can I go to class yet?

Okay enough with the complaining - but seriously -

SABBATH - isn't it about time?


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last night we were cleaning the basement as a family. I put Kenzie in charge of vaccuming. But, I guess I must preface this story with another story. Last Sunday night we had a storm. It was a crazy wind storm and things were blowing around everywhere. I was up reading the HOST and it was around 2:00 a.m. (I know - I know). So, I went downstairs for a drink and walked by the basement door and felt a strong draft. I opened the door thinking maybe there was a window open down there. I went down and discovered someone had left the basement door open and the room down there was COVERED in leaves and debris. I was not happy - but going back to the present. I put Kenzie in charge of vaccuming this room and picking up all the leaves. The next thing I know Gabbi comes in and tells me Kenzie is vaccuming outside. I run into the room and sure enough - Kenzie has my $400.00 Dyson vaccum sucking up the door-well full of leaves, dirt, bugs, trash etc. - the vaccum is completely clogged up and dirty and I am left to wonder - am I asking too much of my children? Do I really need to explain to my 8 year old that we do not use the indoor vaccum to "CLEAN"-up the great outdoors. I guess next time I will need to be a little more specific - just the leaves in the house, sweetie - not the ones outside.


Okay this is the first in my series of the GOOD OL' DAYS! I want to post all my favorite's from Sesame Street for the next week. Check it out everyday to see if I get one of your favorites.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Gannon had his last soccer game yesterday - Yes, it was a crazy day. He is so cute I just had to post these pictures. I love to watch these little guys as they run along trying to kick the ball away from the mass of other children sticking their feet in - like seagulls flocking to one crumb of bread.

It's Mine, It's mine they all seem to chirp as they crowd around the ball sometimes by complete chance kicking the ball into the goal. Way to go ROCKETS.


Yesterday was Gabbi's Kindergarten Graduation. They still have two more weeks of school but their teacher decided to get this little program out of the way - can't say that I blame her - and it was quite the production. The kids put on the play of their lives - The Little Red Hen. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I pretty much remained teary-eyed through the whole thing.

Gabbi was a "little chick" and boy was she a CUTE little chick.
Her little song went like this - "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, I'm hungry as a hog, MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, I'm hungry as a dog, Hungry as a bear, Hungry as a horse, but we're not those creatures, we have little chicken features, we're you're little chicks of course - PEEP PEEP!

She then walked the line and recieved her diploma - more tears -

They sang a few more songs and then it was over. Short and sweet and DARLING! Here is a picture of her with her cute little kindergarten teacher that Gannon gets next year.

All of this is kind of bitter-sweet for me. I can't wait for her to move up and progress - to have 3 ALL DAY in school - YIPEE - but Gabbi is my last little girl and I feel the changes coming swifter and faster with every day. Puberty, PMS, and Passion are just around the corner and I am not sure that I am ready for the that step. It will be fun but part of me wants to hold on a little longer.

What can I say - my cup runneth over. We are so blessed . . . Congrats Gabbi!


Here is the first of my three May birthday's. Rigdon's was the 12th. He was so excited all day and couldn't help but sing "Happy Birthday to Me" wherever he went. He was giggling as his special birthday packages from Arizona arrived and smiled from ear to ear for anyone that called to sing to him. His little "DINOSAUR" themed party was something to be desired. I must confess it was a impromptu effort on my part, but he seemed to enjoy himself - AND - I figure I might as well do it while I can get away with it.

Rigdon's accomplishments - well, he is talking A LOT better - still in his own little language perhaps - but we can understand him. Maybe that's because we have learned to speak it more fluently with every passing year.

He potty-trained himself with little or no effort on his mother's part. YEAH - one less set of diapers!

He is honest in all his dealings - if I say "WHO DID THIS?" He immediately confesses - "I DID" - This is a great source of comfort for his siblings as they figure they will get out of a lot of messes if Rigdon confesses for them.

He can sing and dance as he says while shaking his rear end in my face "SHAKE YOUR BOOTY"

Life just wouldn't be complete without this little guy and we sure do love him a lot!

Happy Birthday Riggy Diggy Doo! or Tator as his dad likes to call him - he'll answer to both.


Mikala had her end of the year concert last week. It was actually very good. These kids have worked very hard to play some really tough music. It was all Disney inspired so it was a lot of fun. They played Pirates of the Carribean and The Sorcerers Apprentice at the end - pretty amazing. Here is a picture of Mikala and one of her friends.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This time she has made me love the aliens. I don't know how she does it but she has captured my attention again from beginning to end. I could not put this book down. I hope everyone of you read it so we can have an open forum. I think you will like this one Rachel . . . Stephenie Meyer is my hero. I hope she continues to write and capture all that strangeness that goes on in her head - HOW DOES SHE COME UP WITH THIS STUFF! I loved it - loved it, loved it, LOVED IT! Be prepared to concentrate though - at least for me - it was kind of deep.


I laughed when I got this . . . Had to share.

As Latter-day Saint women, we are practically obsessed with anxiously engaging ourselves in good causes. Maybe it's subliminal. Glancing through the hymnal last Sunday I noted that as sisters in Zion, we who are called to serve are all enlisted to go marching,marching forward because the world has need of willing men to all press on scattering sunshine. We wonder if we have done any good inthe world today because we have been given much and want to do what is right, keep the commandments, press forward with the Saints, choose the right, and put our shoulders to the wheel going where He wants us to go. However, as the morning breaks high on the mountain top, truth reflects upon our senses, and while we still believe that sweet is the work, we also realize that we have work enough to do ere the sun goes down. And thus we ask Thee ere we part, where can we turn for peace?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008



I had to tell about the fun little outing we took last night. Jason called yesterday from the Zermatt Resort in Midway where he is facilitating and major off-site for Wells Faro and invited me to bring the kids up to go swimming in the heated pool. I decided I would go, but after talking to Jason again and listening to his schedule - I realized it would be ME and 6 kids at a really nice resort and I didn't know if I wanted to tackle that kind of a situation by myself after having had play group at my house all day. So I decided not to go. After crying and sobbing, begging and pleading - not by Jason - the trip was back on.

We drove to Midway and like a parade we made our way through the lobby of the hotel. We got a tour of Jason's amazing room at the base of the mountain, complete with jetted tub, fire place, four-poster bed, and full blown kitchen with stainless steel appliance (where is the justice) and then we went swimming.
(No - this is not Jason and Gabbi)

We then went back to Jason's room for baths in the spa tub and cookies from Jason's personal stash; watched a little Disney channel and drove home in our p.j.'s for a good night sleep. And bless their little hearts - they all went to bed - (except for Rigdon) and I got to sit on my new couches and watch my recorded American Idol - DAVID ARCHILETTA ROCKS!

It really was a night to remember. Thanks Jason - we love you and miss you!


Well, my new couches arrived yesterday. They are beautiful. I am not sure if they are what I ordered, but that is another story. I have to take a couch cushion down and see if it matches the model in the store because that is what I really wanted. Maybe it just looks different in the store.

Anyway, last night I had a meeting here at the house. There were several primary children among the group and some rowdy boys. They were sitting on my couch and being kind of crazy, so I went over to them to warn them to settle down and keep their feet off the cushions and to my horror and dismay they had ripped my new pillows. They had put holes in two of my brand new pillows. Well, I RIPPED them a new one and told them that they were going to have to pay for those pillows and that they were brand new and didn't they have any respect for people's property.

I ran out of the room crying and sobbing that here I had waited all this time for a new couch and it was already ruined. And then . . . I woke up. Yes, it was only a dream - or should I say nightmare. I remembered it this morning and started to laugh. Luckily it really WAS only a dream or those kids would have PAID.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, it is here - the end of the school year. I couldn't be more excited to have it all over with. I am sure I will be thrilled to have them go back once we hit the beginning of August, but I can't WAIT for school to be done. I am counting the days right along with my kids. Today - I woke Kenzie up and said - Only 16 more days.

Upcoming events:
1) Orchestra Concert
2) Regards to Broadway Program
3) Father's & Sons
4) Kindergarten Graduation
5) Field Day

Just to name a few. I am will be sure and blog all these special moments for you - if I remember my camera that is. :0)

The question of the day - Do you miss being in school? And what do you miss about it?

Friday, May 2, 2008


I just wanted to publically apologize to everyone that has to listen to me on a daily and weekly basis. I realized as I just hung up the phone with a friend that I might be a tad depressing at times. I am trying really hard to stay up-beat and positive about my life, but sometimes, it gets the better of me. Who am I kidding - the marjority of the time it gets the better of me. I have a lot to be grateful for - I know. So many blessings, so many things to be thankful for . . . 6 gorgeous children and a loving, hard-working husband - what more could I ask for. I don't know why I just don't focus on those things. The natural man in me gets so weary of being alone and without my dear friends and family in AZ. I really appreciate your long talks and listening to me - supporting me and crying with me. It really means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you to each one of you - you know who you are. The sun will come out tomorrow - I pray :0). Please know I love each one of you! Have a RIP ROARIN' WEEKEND!


I am posting this because I thought it was absoultely darling, not because I am bragging - okay maybe I am a little.

Rigdon went to the bathroom earlier this morning and needed to be wiped. I used the last of the toliet paper up doing so.

A couple hours later I was holding Rigdon on the couch and I said (he's been especially clingy today) "Hey bud, I have to get up and go to the potty."

I got up and remembered that there was no toliet paper in the bathroom and so I got in front of Gannon and the T.V. (so he would hear me) and said - "Gannon will you go get me some more toliet paper for this bathroom down here."

"I did it mom, I did it." came a cry from the couch. "Oh - you want to do it" I said to Rigdon. He has been extremely helpful lately and get's very upset if he doesn't get to go be my little gopher.

He said - "No, mom - I did it."

I went into the bathroom and he had already re-placed the toliet paper. I am assuming he did it right after the potty break and I just hadn't realized it. WOW - he went and got it and actually put it on the roll. Looks like he won't lose this battle with his wife. :0) The old roll and the wrapper were on the floor but hey - that's the next lesson. :0)

Kindness - It does a mother good.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Guess what everyone - I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. last night and slept till 6:30 a.m. the next morning. I am here to testify that early to bed and early to rise does make a man happy and healthy and wise. I felt like a new woman all day. I got my house clean, made whole wheat bread and cookies for my kids and we all snuggled up tonight and watched a movie. It's amazing what sleep does for you. I haven't had a full night sleep like that in 6 months. It was awesome!

Is it May 1st or December 1st? This is completely ridiculous. That is all I have to say.