Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay all you blogger connoisseurs - how do I get my blog to show my fellow bloggers and their latest blog dates? Does that make sense?

Some of you have a list of bloggers and then under their names it shows when their latest update was.



Okay - I have been getting a lot of flak about not posting. But it isn't because I am sitting here drinking hot chocolate while reading books by the fireplace. 2009 has proven to be quite a challenge thus far.

Here's a re-cap:

Dec. 31 - Jan. 4th:
My parents came to town - THIS WAS AMAZING! We had so much fun and we LOVED every minute of it. Anyone else need a free place to stay?

Jan. 4th:
I taught in Relief Society - need I say more

Jan 6th:
Aunt Flo came to town . . . .

Jan. 8th:
I discovered that 5 out of the 6 kids had LICE - YUCK! Can you imagine? Mrs. Clean-Freak gets the shock of her life and the nightmare begins. (Funny how I found it - the school checked Gabbi the day before and didn't find anything - she was the worse - want me to check your kids for you? I am a pro!) Rigdon gets sick and starts puking all over the place.

Jan. 9th:
Picked lice out of the kids hair and did laundry (GROSS). Keaton gets sick and starts puking all of the place.

Jan 10th:
Picked lice out of the kids hair and did laundry (did I mention how disguisting this is). Mikala get's sick and starts puking all over the place. - Are we having fun yet?

Jan. 11th:
Picked lice out of the kids hair and did laundry (Come what may and love it . . . come what may and love it)

Jan 12th:
Picked lice out of the kids hair (couldn't find anything but nits so we sent them back to school) and did laundry

Jan 13th:
Picked at my kids some more, tried to do laundry - but - the dryer had gone out - NOT GOOD TIMING! -Jason gone to mutual - I am pulling my hair out.

Jan 14th:
My dryer works. Jason replaced the heating element - Good as new - EVEN BETTER! The laundry resumes. Kenzie home sick - well, more like - Kenzie home from school . . . faking like she is sick. Rigdon has a speech test at school - he ends up qualifying for Speech class - we will start next week.

Jan. 16th:
Jason in charge of Combined Youth Planning Meeting - he has to make binders for ALL the youth presidencies - in translation - Maren is in charge of making binders for ALL the youth presidencies. (Pretty cute - even if I do say so myself.)

Jan. 17th:
Painted the girls room - I had to - I made new comforters for them - I had to I throw the old ones out because of the lice. (Did I say how disguisting lice is?)

Jan. 19th:
Practiced with Martin Luther King fought so hard against . . . My kids were SLAVES for the entire day. My house looks BEAUTIFUL! :0)

Jan. 20th:
Jason in charge of YM/YW Combined activity - in translation - Maren is in charge of YM/YW combined activity. I run around getting all the stuff together for a Snowman Building Contest After Party Feast.

Jan. 21st:
Jason leaves town . . . Maren cuts 52 - 8X8 inch vinyl squares for tiles for the YW only to find out . . . I had done them ALL wrong. I start cutting again . . . come what may and love it, come what may and love it.

I have excluded all the little minor fiascos such as Keaton breaking 18 eggs all of the floor, dumping a bag of carrots all over the family room, breaking the girls lava lamp in Gabbi's drawer . . . to name a few. All the minor projects like Mikala's science fair project that is due next week, Gabbi's "BEAR" that I had to sew and decorate, Gannon's artic animal report, Kenzie's FRUIT DISH (That I have heard about for the last two weeks) that she has to prepare for Achievement Days - HOORAY the dinner is tonight . . . and so forth and so on.

Thus - my friends and family - this is why I have not posted in so long. My life is one big . . . well it is one big reality show. I would like to call it Ground Hog Day . . . you've seen the movie - my days are the same - OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Even now as I type I hear things being thrown to the floor in the kitchen. What will I find when I go in there . . . I have no idea, but I am sure it will be something I have to clean up.

Rest assure - I am well and good and things are as good as they can be. At least I have my health.

Stay tuned, my next post will be all about the new exercise program that Jason and I are doing together and how I am perpetually sore EVERY day. :0)

Love you all - hope this satisfies you all for now. :0)