Saturday, June 28, 2008


Here is a shot of Mikala's last game on Thursday. She is a pretty good little player but needs to learn confidence behind her swing.

She did catch a really hard-hit ball that came out at her at third base where she was positioned and made a straight-shot throw to second base which the girl caught and then tagged the runner out. It was really exciting.

And although - baseball to me, is SLOW - unless you are playing it - it was fun to watch her doing something she loved and that is what it is all about.


Well after 3 months of long awaited anticipation . . . my couches have arrived. Here are the RIGHT couches. I guess I should have taken a picture of the WRONG ones so that you could have seen the difference, but nevertheless - I LOVE THEM and they are HERE and they are already being THRASHED by my children. I guess by the time they are all in junior high I will be ready for some new ones and they will have destroyed these. I threaten them with their very lives to not eat, sleep, or drink on them, but alas, we have already had a mishap with a bottle of milk and a bottle of paint. Oh well, I guess you take your chances with 6 children.


As most of you know, Gannon fractured his wrist/arm last Sunday. Of course, being the parents we are, we made him suffer for a little while before we took him in.

He was out playing Sunday evening and quote "jumped up really high and fell down like this". We are guessing he just landed wrong on his wrist and since there are no credible witnesses to the act, I guess we will never know.

So, we just put an ice-pack on it and he cried about it for the next 12 hours. Finally Monday morning, I realized - hey, maybe something really is wrong here. I took him in to the doctor's and 5 hours later - we were back home with this handy dandy Spider-man blue cast.

It really hasn't bothered him other than the fact that he can't go swimming and bath time is a bit of a challenge. And 21 days seems like an eternity to a 5 year old.

How many more days today mom? 16 buddy, 16.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, today was a good day - for Jason that is. He got the royal treatment of breakfast in bed and presents and cards. He got a little mid-morning nap and didn't have to get anyone ready but himself. He did have to help in sacrament meeting a little, but guess who changed all the poopy diapers?

He got a steak dinner followed by Grandma Anderson cookies for dessert and again - I changed ALL the diapers.

I just have to publically state that Jason is a great man. I love him more and more everyday. Don't get me wrong - we have had our fair share of time in the ring but, he always takes care of us BEAUTIFULLY and We sure do love him!

Jason's favorite present was his frame for his office. I had to post these GREAT shots we got of the kids at a nearby park. They melt my heart. Of course, I am a little biased . . .

Saturday, June 14, 2008


When we first moved into this house - we decided to put all three girls in the same room because although this a 5 bedroom house, there are only 3 bedrooms upstairs (including the master) AND being the WORRY WART that I am, I didn't want my precious children two stories down in the basement all by themselves, with no protection. I mean come on what if there was a FIRE or a BREAK-IN or something worse. So, we put the two twin beds in a bedroom and made them share. I figured if Joseph Smith was good enough to share with his siblings - so are my kids.

Well, after a few tearful nights (okay it was more like a few tearful MONTHS) from Mikala saying - I want my own bed; and other comments from appalled family members :0) we decided to go ahead and get bunk beds.

This should fix everything right?

Well, yes and no . . .

Here we are a year later and I walked into their bedroom this morning and discovered this . . . (Mikala's Bed)
And this . . . (Kenzie' Bed)

And this is - Gabbi's Bed - with all 3 of them squished in there like SARDINES! Is this the first time this has happened? OH NO! This is a nightly occurrence. Usually it is just two of the them but probably about once a week I will find all three of them together. And Yes, that is Kenzie under Gabbi's legs. Apparently, Kenzie has not discovered Gabbi's legs yet. Inevitably a fight will most likely occur once she realizes she has been a foot rest all night. (Maybe I should go remove the evidence).
You would think it would be the other way around; that the little one would have climbed into her big sister's beds for comfort and SNUGGLE time but it is usually Gabbi's bed that they all congregate to. So, although they tell eachother daily "I HATE YOU" - I WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN" - and my favorite "YOU ARE BUGGING ME - QUIT TOUCHING ME" - I am beginning to wonder if this is a LOVE/HATE relationship that will last till the end of time.
Till then - I will cherish this picture of my little girls and when they could all fit in the same bed . . .

Friday, June 6, 2008


So, we are sitting around the table the other night for dinner. There is long standing joke between Jason and I because he was always told his eyes were hazel - but they are not. They are just as green as mine are. So, I said something to him about them being green and he laughed and said they were hazel. I asked Kenzie

"Look at your dad's eyes - what color are they?"

"well" she said - "They are green on the inside, but around the niple - they are brown"

Jason and I busted up - She thought she had said something funny so she started laughing too.

We were all laughing and I told her that the black part of her eye was called the iris not the niple.

She just shrugged and grinned and said - Oh - Okay!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, I decided if summer won't come to me - I will bring summer to my blog. It is cold today - raining - and the high - a whopping 57 degrees. There is a snow advisory in the mountains. If this is somebody's idea of a cruel joke -it isn't funny! I am about ready to pile my kids in the car and drive to the sunshine. I feel like I haven't been completely WARM since last summer. I think we are going to skip summer all together and head right back into winter. So, while all of you are down there - think of me - soak up some rays for your friend Maren. So much for getting tan this summer.

Monday, June 2, 2008


It's been far too long - it's time to get this stuck in your BRAINS again!

3 FOR 3

My last May birthday for the month (HOORAY). And boy was it a fun day - even I was excited for SPIDER-MAN.

Saturday was Gannon's 5th birthday. He woke up to streamers and Spider-man all over the kitchen and a great big Spider-man fortress (tent) that we had all set up for him complete with a new spider-man costume. Boy was he excited. He got all dressed up and struck a few web-shooting poses for the camera.

His friends arrived at 2:00 p.m. for the festivities and the fun began. We played outside in the tent, shot Spider-man guns, conducted an experiment with the incredible growing Spider-men, and sprayed webs with our cans of silly string.

Presents were next on the agenda and doesn't everybody love PRESENTS! Gannon couldn't wait to tear into all the fun stuff his friends and family had got for him. He LOVED everything. (thanks to grandmas & grandpas and Aunt Lori's gifts).

CAKE anyone - OH YEAH! They each had 2 cupcakes and some ice-cream too. And OBVIOUSLY the incredible Sister Crocker did not make the trip up to help me with a Spider-Man cake so PLEASE don't laugh at the LAME attempt to come up with something creative without spending 30 dollars on a Wal-Mart cake.

Gannon had a great day and told me about 3 times AND I QUOTE - Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday mom - I just love you. And that is what it is all about! This boy is going to go far in his life if he keeps saying those things to the women he meets - I felt like going out and buying him 10 more presents.

What a sweet little blessing this first highly-anticipated little boy has been since the day he was born 5 years ago. After 3 little girls the testosterone was much needed! Each Star Wars figure, car, and train set is a treasure! The only thing I could do without - the uncontrollable flying pee in the bathroom. But - I will take it for a smile like this! Happy Birthday Gannon - WE LOVE YOU!